Revolutionising Prefilled Syringes

Developing the world's 1st Prefilled Syringe with integrated needle safety system, a combination device (drug-device)


A serious problem

Needle stick injury a large problem in health care.USA has legislated that sharps used in healthcare have “sharps injury prevention features” incorporated in the product.


The status quo

To date, safety devices on Prefilled Syringes were bulky, unreliable and costly. Always an add on to the syringe so as to not interfere with the drug. Costly in production, additional equipment needed. Difficult to work with the glass protecting the drug. Difficult to use and posed contamination risk as they could spray aerosol when deployed

the challenge.jpg

The challenge

Develop a prefilled syringe that
-Protects from needle stick injury
-Does not change the form factor of syringes
-Does not affect the drug
-Prevent Water Vapour & O2 transmission
-But can be sterilised by EtO
-Does not require new equipment in the filling plant
-Does not require any changes to the multi-billion dollar filling plant infrastructure
-Can be filled and sealed aseptically as per current process, no change.
-Can be manufactured at 400M p.a.
-Has less than 4 ppm failure rate
-Can be produced cost effectively
-Easy to use