Role  Senior Product Developer   Qualifications  MEng (Mech) Hons

Senior Product Developer

MEng (Mech) Hons

Matt Huckson

Matt began his career designing high tech machinery for the semiconductor industry in his motherland, Wales. He emigrated to Sydney in 2003 and has been working designing medical devices in the cardio-vascular and orthopaedic specialties. This area of engineering has been a fascinating direction leading to Matt being as at home in a surgical operating theatre as in front of a computer, or programming a robot. Matt is enjoying the fresh challenges in the dynamic, multifaceted environment of ide Group and the new perspectives that such a diverse team can give to engineering. In his downtime, Matt looks upwards and outwards dividing his time between the skies of Sydney as a private pilot, and the wilderness of Sydney's National Parks.

"No one wants to learn by mistakes, but we cannot learn enough from success to go beyond state of the art"

Henry Petroski