Role  Product Developer   Qualifications  MEng (Elec) Hons

Product Developer

MEng (Elec) Hons

Lloyd Coleman

Lloyd is originally from the UK. Having always loved playing with electronics, he studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Surrey and graduated with a Masters of Engineering. Having worked in telecoms at Research in Motion, Lloyd decided to peruse a career in the Medical industry where he could develop products that could change people's lives. Lloyd worked at Elekta Ltd in the UK for 3 years developing the world's first MRI-Guided Linear Accelerator where he developed system architecture and designed critical subsystems. He spent a lot of time in hospitals around the world installing and testing systems and got exposed to the realities of cancer treatment and the people it affects. This work took Lloyd to China for a few months where he worked with the Beijing product development team to help with reliability issues and developing software tools to assist in testing new ideas. In 2015 Lloyd made the decision to move to Australia in the search for blue skies and warm days where he came in contact with ide and joined as a product developer. In his spare time he can be found under the sea diving whenever possible or out cycling around Sydney.