Role  Product Developer   Qualifications  BSc (Biology) Hons

Product Developer

BSc (Biology) Hons

Kelly Berger

Growing up Kelly always wanted to invent. From an early age she conducted her own science experiments, curious about how things and people work. Naturally, she undertook science at Monash university of Melbourne where she majored in Genetics and Molecular Biology. After, she delved into understanding the brain and went on to receive a first-class honours in Neuroscience. Working in science, and later becoming the operations manager for a start-up company, Kelly recognized the need to understand business in order to translate science into industry. She recently graduated from the Medical device Commercialization Training Course (MDCTP) and founded a company. She now works at IDE, translating her passion for science into the medical industry.

"The important thing is to never stop questioning"

Albert Einstein.