IDE Group Netherlands: Building Better Futures in Rotterdam

I am very much looking forward to building better futures here, together with you.
— Willem Mees Van Der Bijl

Think Positive

People say I am an optimist, I take this as a compliment. Melinda Gates describes optimism as “not the hope that things will automatically get better, but the belief that we, together can make things better”. That belief has always pushed me to create better futures for people.

Like minded in Sydney

For the past six years, I have had the privilege to live in Sydney, Australia. A beautiful city, with many different cultures in an amazing country. There, I met the people of IDE, who are just as passionate about realising the potential in what may seem like the impossible and overcoming the challenges that come with this, all in the name of building better futures. This may seem like ‘the hard way’: accepting a challenge with the knowledge we will have to overcome hurdles; however, I have realised this is also the most rewarding way.

An Entrepreneurial Partner

At IDE we share a love for the design of innovations for health. Together, we build on our different backgrounds and expertise in design, engineering, electronics, manufacturing, regulatory, science, quality, clinical, entrepreneurship and more. We are an entrepreneurial partner that builds new businesses around innovation.

A Few Examples

With the people at Atomo Diagnostics, we are creating Point of Care and Self-Test devices to give people all over the world access to accurate diagnostics. Empowering people on all income levels, building a sustainable business.

With entrepreneurial people from the University of Wollongong, we are designing and manufacturing the condom of the future, helping more people to choose safe sex.

With passionate entrepreneurs, we are creating new ways to treat lymphoedema.

With one of our corporate partners, we discover and develop innovative solutions to give people better CT and MRI imaging outcomes.

With surgeons, we have developed catheter solutions.

Where do innovations start?

One thing I learned is that any person with a passion can step up and take the initiative to create a vision of a better future. Whether they are a clinician, a large multinational, an engineer or a patient. We need to find the right people around us, to make it real.

IDE chooses The Netherlands

In February 2019, IDE Group Netherlands opened its doors at CIC Rotterdam, a strategic location and the perfect base to start our business in Europe. The city is home to the Erasmus MC: the number 1 Academic Medical Centre, in the Netherlands and the life sciences & health sector is developing fast. The Cambridge Innovation Centre (CIC) offers a vibrant workplace where start-ups and corporate can develop together.  In addition, the city and regional economic development agencies: Rotterdam Partners and Innovation Quarter support the cluster connecting our business within the LS&H community. This is the reason behind my excitement: the ability to connect with people in the Netherlands that have ideas, expertise and knowledge. When visiting Universities, government and industry partners, we initiate collaboration between disciplines and across borders. Above all, IDE Group find people who are passionate and optimistic.

I am very much looking forward to building better futures here, together with you.