al dente - straining a well cooked strategy

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Gianluigi Bortoluzzi

"al dente is an analogy for how ideas should be well executed"

As a part of our series of ide Connect events, I decided to create the al dente program to help people realise their ideas and achieve great results. Last week we held the first episode in the program. The event took place at The Hub Sydney and a vibrant atmosphere led the night from the beginning to the very end of the event.

Everyone knows what al dente refers to when cooking pasta and we all love and appreciate well cooked pasta! Some people prefer to say ‘to the bite’, some others ‘to the tooth’, but the term essentially means a well strained pasta, not too soft, but not undercooked either. It is the perfect texture for a quality Spaghetti alla Bolognese!

As a passionate cook I recalled this meaning and equated it to the design and technology world, which I deal with every day. al dente is an analogy for how ideas should be well executed. 

This presentation goes through new design tools that people can use in their work to either make a start on or execute what they would love to do. The message is to keep up with what is happening out there and to be diligent in implementing new technologies and methods to thrive with the execution of your plans.
As I believe in a culture of innovation and change for growth, I recommend you to go beyond these selected examples and discover even more tools to be able to excel in what you do.

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Erin Evanochko