IDE Group’s Building Better Futures for Health Challenge 2019 Finalists Announced.

The proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to to Sight For All
— George Sidis

The long awaited moment has finally arrived. IDE Group are thrilled to announce that there have been not four, but five finalists chosen by our expert judging panel to pitch during our annual Building Better Futures for Health Challenge. We would like to thank our panel of judges for both their time and expertise throughout the process. Choosing the finalists was by no means an easy task, IDE would lastly like to thank and congratulate all our participants this year, each application truly gave meaning to the word ‘innovation’, exhibiting the potential to make a significant impact to the healthcare industry.

Without further delay, IDE Group would like to introduce the following companies as our 2019 Building Better Futures for Health Finalists:

Inova Medical

While abscesses may seem like nothing more than big pimples, the standard treatment is a lot more complicated than giving it a squeeze in your bathroom. If you were to develop an abscess, treatment often requires a general anaesthetic, surgical incision and drainage, and a multi-day hospital stay. Inova Medical has developed a single-use disposable device that will allow doctors to shift the treatment of abscesses out of the theatre and into the clinic, eliminating theatre time, days in hospital, and the need for general anaesthetic.

EnCap Neuroscience

We’re creating a future where patients with severe mental illnesses can walk into a pharmacy and leave wearing a cure. The headset digitally heals the brain using analogue signal processing and machine learning and is slim enough to subtly fit beneath a hat. Once you’re home alone, the device calibrates to your brain and will fine-tune your brainwaves until you're happy with the results.


TalkiPlay is a play-based program that guides children to move around the room to explore language. The kid-friendly hardware and smartphone software - makes the furniture talk, sing & play games -to excite and propel children into early sounds, vocab & literacy. Creating language-rich environments to improve the language outcomes for children.


PANCure technology is based on a novel single use implantable drug delivery system that is capable of locally delivering two chemotherapeutic drugs. Our technology adopts the SOC and administers this dual drug treatment via implantable localised delivery using minimally invasive endoscopic ultrasound fine needle injections, thus circumventing the poor drug uptake properties of pancreatic cancer tumours.


For some injuries, no amount of physiotherapy seems to be enough. The Solushin is a simple and effective class 1 medical device that empowers physiotherapists, and their athletes, to effectively treat and prevent recurrence of shin splints. Despite affecting upwards of 965,000 Australians each year, the Solushin is the first medical device clinically validated to treat the injury. By combining principles of soft-tissue therapy and bone remodelling, the Solushin reduces time to recovery, enabling sufferers to get back to training hard, faster.

Tickets for the final event are now on sale. All tickets are $10. The proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to to Sight For All, a charity that aim to deliver sight-saving work in low-income countries. 

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