Bayer presents next generation CT Injector, MEDRAD Centargo, at European Congress of Radiology 2019

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IDE Group’s Ben Cullen, Willem Mees Van Der Bijl, Alison von Moger and Richard Sokolov attended the European Congress of Radiology 2019 last week, in Vienna, to see the launch of the MEDRAD Centargo CT Injection System. The latest addition to Bayer’s range of imaging products, which is expected to receive CE certification this summer, and has been developed with the aim of meeting one of the most pressing needs of radiology departments today: doing more with less. 

Key features of MEDRAD Centargo include a daily set-up process that can be completed in under 2 minutes and a snap-in patient line that is ready for the next patient in less than 20 seconds. The Centargo is a revolution in the application of piston-based injector technology where new levels of usability have been achieved without compromising the quality of fluid delivery, even during the most demanding protocols. A new integrated and advanced user interface creates a user experience that provides reassurance and guidance to the user no matter where they are in the imaging process, allowing them to confidently dedicate more attention to the care of the patient, whilst efficiently obtaining great images.   

IDE Group has been working with Bayer to conceive and deliver the new CT injection system and is proud to have been part of a journey with a global team of dedicated Bayer staff through to the product’s launch.

“This has been one of the largest, most challenging and rewarding projects in IDE’s history,” said Richard Sokolov, IDE Group Product Realisation Director. “It is the culmination of all that makes IDE, IDE. Our principles, values, creative intelligence, dedication and hard work, all came together, within a diverse and global project team, operating across three continents. It is just immense! We are just so proud to have been part of this meaningful product’s journey to the market.”

For further information see Bayer’s full Press Release

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