Role  Senior Product Developer   Qualifications  BDes (Ind Des)

Senior Product Developer

BDes (Ind Des)

George Sidis

Joining Richard to start IDE in 2003, George shares their engineering credentials but took his career in a different direction when he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers to help businesses with R&D and technology commercialization. As IDE’s Business Administration Director George takes care of all aspects of the business apart from new product development, freeing up the rest of the team to solve problems and build ideas into products.

Describing his approach to technology commercialization as like coaching a football team, George gains a thorough understanding of objectives and resources before putting together a realistic plan and then he gets ready to improvise. The football comparison is more than incidental - George’s interest in the great game is equalled only by his enthusiasm for getting together with his family.

"The key to successful product development is not design, but understanding what needs to be designed"