Christopher Krainer

Chris, originally from Austria, holds a business degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and an Electronics engineering degree. He was working for almost 17 years with one of the leading Medtech companies on product innovations in various capacities such as Product Development Manager as well as his latest role as Integral Project Manager.

Chris lived in The Netherlands before migrating to Sydney and has been a part of the IDE family since 2017. He helps clients - or 'partners' as he prefers to call them - with realizing their visions. Chris is a big advocate of entrepreneurial behaviour and inclusive leadership and he believes that tackling the world's uncertainty with the strength of a diverse team is the way to go.

He cares about global health and educational challenges and spends most of his spare time with fun activities like acting and exploring new places. Chris is always happy to meet up for a coffee to discuss ideas, so feel free to reach out to him any time.  

"Clear your mind of can't"

Alexander the Great