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ide Connect
What is ide Connect?
Engagement is key to successfully realising a vision - engaged senses, engaged ideas and an engaged community. ide Connect is this community. Created for you - the designers, thinkers and creators. ide Connect is a place for you to learn, share and connect - making it easier by meeting our challenges together.  

To learn is to never stop growing. ide Connect is the place to feel inspired and move in new directions to realise positive change.

Sharing spurs innovation. By sharing knowledge, resources and ideas we also share the journey.

Connecting with one another makes the journey worthwhile and increases our chance of success. ide Connect is the meeting place for creative minds.

Get involved!

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Our next event

NSW BioCheers at ide Group, Thursday 14 September 

Join the local biotech and medical technology sectors for a night of networking

BioCheers brings together AusBiotech members and others in the life sciences, therapeutics, medical technology (devices and diagnostics), food and agricultural biotechnology sectors.

Join us at The Connectory and catch up with friends and colleagues, share ideas, build relationships and make new contacts in New South Wales vibrant biotechnology community.



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