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Pre Filled Syringe
Unilife Pre Filled Syringe

Pre-filled syringe with integrated retractable needle

Unilife Corporation
“They are highly skilled and dedicated professional designers and engineers with a very flexible but structured approach to their design work and addressing challenges as they arise”
Graham Purches, RTFS Operations Director
Challenges come in all shapes and sizes Creating a pre-filled syringe with a lifesaving safety feature for one of the world’s pharmaceutical giants is a pretty big challenge. With sales of billions of syringes a year to play for, Unilife saw an opportunity to add value to a high demand product and make a big impact on this lucrative global market.
Keeping it business as usual As with all our projects, we started with a complete study of the product environment and the needs of all stakeholders - from the nurse in the clinic to the pharmaceutical company filling the syringe to the regulators. The ide team worked with all these and more to find out how we could develop the new syringe and keep it business as usual for everyone in the product supply chain. With all this research in mind, we applied our unique mix of analysis, expertise and ingenuity to arrive at a simple, core technology. No new look, no bells and whistles, just a breakthrough product for Unilife, protecting patients and clinicians all over the world.
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