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Pediatric Mask

Design Award
ide placed high importance on relationship building. This enabled efficient communication with project stakeholders to keep the project moving smoothly.
Lee Veliss, Section Leader - Patient Interface
When size really matters
It’s not unusual for children to make do with a smaller version of something that’s been designed for adult use. But when this has a negative outcome for the children involved, somebody has to step in. That’s why ResMed approached ide for assistance in designing a better medical mask for providing therapy to children with sleep disordered breathing. ResMed had identified significant opportunities for optimising the performance over conventional pediatric masks, making a really compelling case for ResMed and ide to create the right design for the comfort of young patients.
Good for patients, great for business
To make the mask design successful, the ide team in collaboration with ResMed needed to ensure that children would receive comfortable and effective therapy as well as feeling at ease with how the mask looked. Using human factors analysis ide and ResMed applied their flexible and open approach to concept development to trial a range of mask design ideas. Following tests in cooperation with a children’s hospital, ide and ResMed kept fine tuning the design to create a mask system that scored great results with carers, parents and children during  trials. Not only were ResMed taking care of the needs of their younger clients, they also enjoyed the business benefit of offering a new pediatric mask designed with children and their families in mind.
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