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Cow fertility monitoring device

Karabine Group
“ide helped develop an idea from a concept to a commercial possibility. Even though it was not a big budget project it was, at all times, handled with professionalism.”
Rob Low, Karabine Group
Keeping assets liquid Getting on in the dairy farming game is all about increasing your milk yield through breeding. Smaller farmers don’t have spare cash to invest in state-of-the-art systems for monitoring how fertile their cows are, holding them back from growing their herd and growing their business. A dairy farmer himself, Rob Low teamed up with ide to develop a new tool for keeping tabs on cow fertility, one that would be within reach for every farmer, regardless of the size of their herd.
Best foot forward When cows are ready to breed, they get itchy feet. Preoccupied with unpredictable weather conditions and the rising costs of feed, your average dairy farmer can’t afford to pay much attention to wandering cows. With this idea in mind, Rob Low worked with ide to develop CowPed, a back-to basics pedometer to keep track of cows on the move. Counting cow steps is pretty simple but ide  added much more value to the concept by creating a device that’s smart enough to learn about each cow’s unique movement patterns and alert farmers when they change. By providing just a little  bit more information about what their herds are up to, the launch of CowPed has helped a lot of small dairy farmers take a big step up in the size of their herd and their business.
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