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AtomoRapid integrated blood based lateral flow test device

Atomo Diagnostics
Design Awards Good Design Award
ide worked with us throughout the commercialisation process – through discovery, design, manufacturing and launch. Their constant focus on excellence, innovation and the quality of the user experience has helped us launch a product that’s truly disruptive in the diagnostic healthcare market.
John Kelly, CEO, Atomo Diagnostics
When solving problems saves lives With the healthcare industry moving towards more selfadministered diagnosis and treatment, user-friendly test kits are seriously in demand. But when they deliver the wrong results, the consequences for patients are more than serious. Working in partnership on the AtomoRapid, Atomo Diagnostics and ide have engineered a new blood testing device that dramatically improves the accuracy of blood tests performed away from hospitals and laboratories.
An alliance for great achievements By simply changing the test strip during manufacture, AtomoRapid can be used for screening tests to diagnose a whole range of diseases such as HIV, malaria, dengue fever and hepatitis. As well as making diagnosis cheaper, faster and more convenient and accurate, AtomoRapid is simple enough for patients to use for selftesting under supervision, reducing the need for blood handling and risk of infection for healthcare workers. After winning several Engineering Excellence awards in 2012, the AtomoRapid is now on display at the Powerhouse museum in Sydney. It’s a joint venture that has put both our businesses firmly on the map.
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