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Discover Industrial Design Engineering
Getting to know everything about your product and the opportunity it represents is fundamental to our design process.  And we really do mean everything.

A thorough audit of the market, cultural, ethnographic, technical, scientific and human factors for your product are all part of the ide research routine. This comprehensive research has fuelled the launch of extraordinary products that outperform the expectations of their creators, competitors and the people who use them.

Human Factors
ide+ create products that meet people’s needs and that’s why people are involved in every step of our design journey. Making use of ethnographic research and anthropometric data, direct personal input during concept development, user evaluations  and product trials, to arrive at a complete picture of all stakeholder needs throughout the product lifecycle.

Conceptual  Design
With a careful balance between imagination and attention to detail, conceptual design at ide creates space for dynamic idea generation. Staying focussed on the emotional force of a product without losing sight of technical factors, we brainstorm, refine and troubleshoot to explore, record and test a range of concepts.

Technology Development
Products that both delight and serve their users are a triumph of technology. ide combine blue-sky thinking with rigorous engineering and detailed analysis to develop groundbreaking technologies for world class products. This brings our clients significant competitive advantages in their markets as well as valuable intellectual patent rights to protect their profits.
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