The right set of tools for the job
Industial Design Engineering
The ide skillset is comprehensive and flexible.  There’s no formula to how we apply our tools and techniques, we keep each one to hand throughout the design process to create robust, unique and marketable products.

Systems Engineering
Successfully engineered products meet the needs of every key stakeholder, from the supply chain right through to the end-user. ide use a range of tools and techniques to map, track and deliver all the requirements and inputs for your product.  So when it comes to design, manufacture, distribution and launch, ide make sure your product ticks all the right boxes.

Detail Design
Attention to detail is fundamental to a successful design outcome. For every project ide undertake, we use a disciplined application of tools and systems to stay focused on the essentials of your product. With our engineering analysis techniques and our fundamental design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) philosophy, you can be sure that ide have attended to every detail.

Engineering Analysis
With an engineering and product implementation pedigree that’s second to none, ide exploit their knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry, electronics and more to define every product detail. Material outcomes from our engineering analysis make a significant impact on the cost and quality of product manufacture, safeguarding business profits and reputations.

Computer Aided Design
ide puts the latest computer modelling and simulation software to work on every project. We’re experts in using multiple CAD systems, animation, visualisation and engineering simulation software (FEA) to explore, model and test product ideas and use Product Data Management software to protect and manage your valuable design data.

Risk Analysis
With our range of experience in heavily regulated industries,you can rely on our risk identification methods and mitigation strategies to detect potential threats and problems. ide audits projects and products for risk factors using a range of techniques including hazards analysis and Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA).
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