Staying hands on
until the very end
Deliver Industial Design
When it comes to taking a product right through from the seed of an idea to the first batch off the production line, you need a partner who’ll help you navigate every stage and overcome every obstacle. ide are in a class of their own for complete end-to-end quality management and delivery.

Failure is an excellent teacher. Providing valuable feedback on product requirements, an early failure in the design process saves time and resources that might have been spent on an unsuccessful development path. With ide’s comprehensive toolkit for developing and testing prototypes - vacuum casting, machining, latest additive manufacturing methods, quick turnaround tooling – we’ll learn important lessons about your product as the design evolves.

Tooling and Manufacture
At the sharp end of product design, manufacturing can be a minefield of problems and delays. With access to a network of tried-and-tested suppliers, working with ide provides you with cost-savings, efficiency and peace of mind for the manufacture and delivery of your finished product. As well as sourcing quality suppliers for tooling, manufacturing and assembly, we also manage the whole process of completing and delivering your product, including the supply chain assembly, packaging and delivery.

Project Management
At ide, open communication is central to successful product development. It’s also the key to good project management and we use it to ensure all stakeholders understand and take part in the development process. With ide you’ll experience a project management approach from our expert team, using their exceptional communication skills and the latest software tools to deliver your project within time and budget.

Verification and Validation

Proving the reliability of your product and the way it has been designed is invaluable, particularly if you do business in a heavily regulated industry. ide have significant experience in evaluation, verification and validation methods. Not only do we integrate a rigorous and thorough verification and validation plan into the development process, we take care of every detail - specifying protocols, conducting tests, analysing data and using the knowledge gained in resolving product issues.

Consulting and Education

You can take advantage of ide’s success in best practice product development techniques to make a big difference to your internal processes and outcomes for product design. Based on our experience of different industries and corporate cultures, we can tailor a program to educate your staff and audit and advise on your current systems and tools. With custom workshops and courses, secondments for your staff at our offices or vice versa, we can support you in transforming your whole product development approach.
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