Focused on the future – for products and the environment.
Whether we’re hiring staff or choosing materials or working with manufacturers, ide are fully committed to sustainable design practices. When we design products to have quality, durability and visual and functional appeal, we’re also reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing by keeping things simple, minimising use of resources and waste and avoiding harmful materials and processes

What does sustainable mean when it comes to design? From the very beginning of the design process and throughout every stage, ide consider a whole range of options to maximise the utility and minimise the environmental impact of a product during its lifecycle.

We explore and determine:
  • How the materials and resources are produced and applied to create product components
  • How much packaging is needed at each stage of production and delivery
  • How the product will be used or reused
  • If the product is disposable, how many times it can be used, how it will be disposed of or recycled
Many of our people have specific skills and training in sustainable design as well as a passion for designing products with a smaller environmental footprint. It’s our way of making an investment in the world we enjoy so that future generations can too.
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