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ide and Atomo Diagnostics win Engineering Excellence Awards

ide and Atomo Diagnostics win Engineering Excellence Awards

ide and its product development partner Atomo Diagnostics won awards for the MicroRapid Integrated Rapid Blood Test Device, the world’s first hand held integrated rapid diagnostic device at the recently held Engineering Excellence Awards in Sydney.

On the night ide and Atomo’s MicroRapid was announced:
  • Winners of an Engineering Excellence Award in the Small Business category
  • Winners of a Highly Commended in the Innovations & Inventions category
  • Winners of the prestigious J.J.C. Bradfield Award. 
The Bradfield Award is the highest award across all categories and ‘recognises an accomplishment of exceptional engineering merit’ whilst delivering a ‘major contribution to the community’. 

MicroRapid aims to bring the detection of a range of diseases out of the laboratory and into homes and outreach clinics across the globe. A test for the rapid detection of HIV is the first clinical application being commercialised using the device and is due to be launched later this year. The integrated design runs the complete test in a single device. This makes it ideal for clinicians to use away from the laboratory as well as enabling individuals to conduct their own blood tests at home. Current blood tests using similar formats require the use of a kit containing five or six items making them quite complex to use and resulting in high error rates.

MicroRapid can be used for a variety of clinical testing including the detection of cardiac and cancer markers, a wide range of infectious diseases as well as consumer focused self screening for common conditions such as Celiac Disease, Allergies, Thyroid imbalances and Anaemia. 

The Engineering Excellence Awards Sydney (EEAS) recognise the expertise of both individuals and engineering organisations in the community. Their aim is to create wider recognition for the valuable input of engineers in our lives. Atomo’s MicroRapid device will now go on display in the Powerhouse Museum for twelve months. This display is expected to be seen by over a half a million Museum visitors throughout the year.

“These awards are testament to a great deal of hard work put in by everyone here at ide on the MicroRapid product, and in building a culture and capability of integrated product development that can bring innovative technology to market in the form of commercially successful products” said ide Product Development Director Richard Sokolov after accepting the Engineering Excellence Awards on behalf of ide and Atomo. “I would like to thank all the ide team for their hard work, particularly Huw and Melody, and the rest of the MicroRapid cross-functional team as without their diligence and dedication such great results as we have achieved on this project would not be possible”.

“Our device makes rapid blood testing easier, more reliable and much more user friendly. This allows testing to be performed by anyone in any setting” said John Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of Atomo Diagnostics. “The winning of these of awards would not be possible without the hard work of all members of the MicroRapid development team, the support of a select group of early stage investors, and funding from Commercialisation Australia, without which commercialising early stage technologies in Australia would be virtually impossible”.

About Atomo Diagnostics
Atomo Diagnostics is an Australian based technology company commercialising a range of integrated devices for use in capillary blood based collection and diagnostic procedures. Atomo’s core competencies are the development, design and launch of medical devices that provide the next generation in usability.

About the Engineering Excellence Awards
The annual Engineering Excellence Awards Sydney celebrate the accomplishments of some of the finest engineering companies and individuals in the world. The Awards showcase leaders in the profession along with world class engineering and innovation.

Each year the Excellence Awards judging panel consider the finalists of each category for an Engineering Excellence Award. As winners in their own right, these finalists represent the very best of engineering with the judging panel seeking to identify those unique finalists that demonstrate outstanding excellence, innovation and best practice.

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